vintage effect photoshop_4

Photoshop Actions are among the most well-known online design tricks and stunts. However, I’d like to briefly describe what the product does and how it can assist you. Actions are quick tricks or shortcuts that enable photographers to create stunning graphic designs. If you have ever seen someone with their hair half up in the …

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sunbeam overlay free_8

Sunbeam overlay free download is one of the simplest and fastest methods to alter the sky’s color. There are many images that you can use as a starting point for your sunbeam overlay. If you’re artistic you can alter the color of your sunbeam overlay by adding a layer in Photoshop. It’s simple, quick and …

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free smoke overlay_4

A great tool for creating a smokey background using Photoshop is the free Smoke Overlay. Different smoke factors can cause some smoke effects not appear as impressive on a photo of the real smoking cigarette. So you need to be careful to choose the appropriate free smoke overlay tool to use for your smoke effects. …

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